Sonia Boyajian

Private Classes

Embark on an artistic journey with exclusive private hand-building clay sessions tailored just for you. 

Guided by the expertise of Sonia Boyajian, these immersive workshops will illuminate the techniques required to breathe life into your distinct visions, whether they take the form of cups, bowls, or elegant vases, or any other endless possibilities your imagination conjures.

All the essential materials and tools will be provided, ensuring a seamless experience without the need for any personal equipment. These private sessions can be scheduled across two or three separate sessions, offering flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule, with a maximum capacity of 6 participants per session. This intimate setting guarantees focused attention and mentorship directly from Sonia Boyajian.

Private sessions are open to both adults and children over the age of 5, making it a perfect activity for families as well. For adult only classes, you're welcome to bring your favorite bottle of wine, or opt for us to provide libations, enhancing the artistic process during your private happy hour. Kindly inform us of your choice at the time of booking to ensure a tailored experience.

For pricing, scheduling, and special requests please fill out the contact form below. Please be sure to include the number of participants and your ideal dates.  

** Costs vary depending on the number of participants, number of sessions, and clients' creative goals.** 
** Cancellations for a refund and/or rescheduling is not permitted within 48 hours of the first class.**

Your artistic journey awaits!

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