Who is Sonia Boyajian?

Sonia is a jewelry maker and ceramist living and working in Los Angeles. She founded her line of jewelry in 2002 while studying in Antwerp. In her two years there, she was exposed to the craft of jewelry making learning every single facet of the process. Her jewelry first caught the attention of fashion buyers from esteemed stores while on a trip to Paris during fashion week, and with orders coming in, she decided to return to her hometown of Los Angeles to create her collections.

To this day Sonia maintains a true artistic approach to her work, hand crafting every piece herself. She designs with purpose for herself and for the women she places at the center of her expression. She has over the years honed techniques and skills inspired by her travels around the world visiting foreign lands and exploring native craft. These journeys greatly influence her designs which are rich in cultural and historical references.

Sonia Boyajian jewelry celebrates feminine wit, sophistication and elegance through uniquely whimsical and playful designs. Over the years, Sonia has built a strong following with whom she works closely on custom-made fine jewelry, a process she finds incredibly rewarding. 

In 2019, Sonia Boyajian opened her flagship store on La Brea in Los Angeles. The space designed in collaboration with Studio Shamshiri, doubles as her jewelry and ceramic studio, where she designs and hand makes every single piece. 

For years Sonia has been working with ceramics as a lightweight material for her larger pieces of jewelry, but she really began exploring and experimenting with it while creating interior objects for her studio’s décor. And thus began, a new medium for her creativity, the Sonia Boyajian Ceramics collection comprised of interior object such as tea pots, vessels, and plates to name a few. 

We invite you to visit Sonia’s world, one of wonder and refined curiosity.

Sonia's shop is appointment only
Please contact sonia@soniabystyle.com to arrange your visit

357 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, California 90036