Sonia designed the “Lady of Pompeii” collection following a trip to Italy in 2019. Her visit to Pompeii struck her emotionally and moved by the remains of the city, she immediately knew she wanted to design a collection inspired by Roman antiquity and the details in the ruins.

“Lady of Pompeii” is a collection of jewelry derived from the materials and colors found not only in Pompeii but in classical Roman design. Geometry and symmetry played a fundamental role in the architecture of the period, and the pattern of tiles inspired the design of the Mini Mosaic and the Terrazzo necklace. Sonia explored and interpretated the classical roman motifs like the lion head which symbolizes strength and courage, and the snake which symbolizes good fortune and protection of the home.

Pearls which Romans associated with Venus, the mother of all Romans and the goddess of love and beauty, adorn this collection in the Napoli ring, the Venus earrings, the Rosa, Gladiator and Fertility necklaces.

Gold, a symbol of wealth and prosperity in ancient Rome is abundant throughout this collection in ceramic beads glazed in 18 carat gold and high polished bronze. Sonia refined her play with gold wire in the Pompeii coil rings that mimic a nest holding a gem, and drew inspiration from the people of Pompeii in the Mama Mia necklace featuring human figures holding hands, and in the Last Supper earrings made of bronze fish charms reflective of the food they ate.

 For the color palette, Sonia was inspired by the ethereal and romantic feel of pastels hues but also the rich scarlet red and emerald green common in Roman antiquity art.

Sonia developed an emotional connection to the life and culture of the people of Pompeii, and while the ruins are the only image left, these imprints show great similarities to today’s human experience. This revelation inspired a collection of jewels as modern and relevant today as they would have been then.