I want to say a huge thank you for the support I received in preparation for Mothers Day! What an amazing time it is to support and celebrate mothers, who are now also becoming teachers, full-time entertainers, whilst being homemakers with careers. I am proud to also say that we donated 15% of every sale to My Friend's Place, a volunteer group in Los Angeles that help rebuild and inspire the lives of homeless youths. This group is very close to me, as I would usually spend my Friday's here volunteering and teaching, and am so pleased I can still help in another way. 

The weather has been beautiful in Los Angeles over the past couple of weeks, all the flowers are blooming and I've been spending my time going for walks and looking after my garden. I continued my process of making objects with purpose, by creating seedling tags for my garden because I couldn't remember what I planted anymore. Check back in next week to see what I make next!