Sonia's Quarantine Diary - Part 1

With the excitement of our recent store opening in November 2019, we welcomed 2020 with new ideas and open hearts. 
For me, it was to be inspired by my recent travels to Italy when I visited the ancient city of Pompeii. I was so moved by the history and splendor of the ruins, that I wanted to tell the story of Pompeii through jewelry and objects. What really struck me was the parallels of our lives, how we are all still the same even centuries later. The pristine preservation of the art and the depictions of everyday life in mosaics, created a whole world in which I was completely taken by.
And then coronavirus came, and I thought this was not the time to tell the story of Pompeii, but be still, be calm, and be home.
So I started to cook, to garden, to home school, and to find a new balance in life.  With each new task upon me, I found that I needed new things to comfort me, and make pieces with a purpose. 
First, I made tea pots. First one ever! I call them my "comfort pots"  as the process of making them soothed my anxious mind. I'm so excited to share these preliminary pieces with you now, and soon we will have the great ones up on the site, so stay tuned for those.
As for right now, Mother's Day is just around the corner and I thought why not put up the Pompeii collection for everyone to see. Imagining being a mother during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, is not that different than an eruption of a world pandemic.  The feeling is the same, caring for our children and protecting them in this time has been of great challenge in so many ways. Now more than ever, this is when women, especially mom's step it up and give it their all. So let's appreciate that woman in your life, because like jewelry she is a gem and one of a kind.