Sonia's Quarantine Diary - Part 3

I stopped counting how long it's been since lock down began. Everyday feels like a different variation of the same day. What sets my days apart from others is what I make and create to keep going as a person and a business.  

As a small business it was just Dee my ceramic assistant and myself in the studio.  When the lockdown was announced I had to find ways to create work for Dee at home as well as make something that was meaningful and relevant in order to document our time apart. I thought about the idea of rosary beads, mala beads, and the tasbih that I fondly remember watching some of my uncles, slipping them through their fingers. The old English word bead derives from the word Bede which means prayer. Since the beads are rolled by hand in an automatic manner, each bead allows us to keep track of time with a minimal amount of conscious effort, thus becoming an act of meditation coming out in physical form.. Just like my teapots and seedling tags, it will be an ongoing project that focuses on adorning ourselves in beauty, while creating necessities and objects with purpose in our lives.

This will be a slow process no doubt, with kids at home and the current situation of our lives, soon I hope to be able to share all that I have made on our site, and even better in shop.

Untill then stay safe and be well.