Angelino Magazine

Sonia Boyajian in Angelino Magazine, featuring her current 'lust haves'.

'Bold, whimsical and sophisticated, Sonia Boyajian’s one-of-a-kind jewelry stands out among a sea of dainty, delicate gold. She takes an artistic approach to her handmade pieces and can’t help being influenced by her native land. “Growing up in L.A. [has made] my perspective always sunny,” she says. “I’m attracted to bright colors and the relaxed nature of this city.” Boyajian is also a connector, something that will come in handy when her new shop opens this spring. “We’ll not only feature my jewelry,” she explains, “but will invite other artists and makers to show alongside us.” Here, the fashion-forward designer shares her latest lust-haves'.

Words by Laura Eckstein Jones